Am 30. Mai fand die J and Beyond als Online-Konferenz statt. 24 Stunden wurden durchgehend Vorträge von internationalen Vortragenden live gestreamt. Sämtliche Sessions sind auf Youtube zum Nachschauen verfügbar.

Das war das Programm der Online-JAB

Start Time UTCYour Browser TZTitlePresenter
00:00 2:00 Essential Joomla Brian Mitchell
01:00 3:00 20 things you can do in Joomla that don't need a plugin like you do in Wordpress Patrick Jackson
02:00 4:00 Using Joomla in your Branding Strategy Helvecio "Elvis" da Silva
03:00 5:00 Fantastic Apps you won't believe are powered by Joomla Parth Lawate
04:00 6:00 Develop your Mobile app with Flutter and Joomla Carlos Cámara Mora
05:00 7:00 Bugs & Fun @Home, what is it all about? Philip Walton
06:00 8:00 Content-Security-Policy and other HTTP Headers in Joomla 4 Tobias Zulauf
07:00 9:00 Joomla - Under the hood Peter Martin
08:00 10:00 Joomla 3.10 Tobias Zulauf
09:00 11:00 Automate backup restoration (and make it easy to help testing Joomla before new releases) Marc Dechevre
10:00 12:00 Responsible Web Design (RWD) - 10 years we've cared about devices - shouldnt we care about people? Brian Teeman
11:00 13:00 Joomla + Angular to take you into the next decade of web development Ashwin Date
12:00 14:00 Playing with Custom Fields and overrides : creating an OpenStreetMap module with multiple markers Marc Dechevre
13:00 15:00 Joomla Community and Banana Pizza Davide Messia
14:00 16:00 The Talking Computer - The Fifth age of human - computer interaction Brian Teeman
15:00 17:00 Joomla development on windows 10, using docker with reverse proxy in Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 (WSL2) Marco Dings
16:00 18:00 How to be a Faultless Designer in Web Design Chiara Aliotta
17:00 19:00 How to help people who need help with Joomla! Tim Davis
18:00 20:00 Progressive Web App - Why should you use this technique, which possibilities do you have? Robert Mittl
19:00 21:00 Boost sales and help your online store thrive in 2020 Adam Melcher
20:00 22:00 Ask the Maintainers Team
21:00 23:00 Workflow V2 Benjamin Trenkle
22:00 24:00 Presenting Joomla 4 Beta George Wilson
23:00 1:00 Conference wrap up - Giving Joomla the Business Duke Speer
    Good bye and thanks for the fish

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